Our fields of activity

geoelectrics - HDD project
Geoelectrics in the mangrove forest, Mexico
geoelectrics onshore - pipeline landfall
Geoelectrics for sewer channel investigation

During the last century, geological and geophysical exploration methods were mainly developed for a detailed investigation of geological structures underground. In the meantime, the methods are used for a multitude of further questions. Our fields of activity therefore cover all areas that can be worked on with our detection methods in the broadest sense.

A large sub-area is the investigation of construction sites with the route investigation of line structures, the detection of cavities, pipes and objects, the investigation of dikes, the investigation of landslides and others.

In the area of groundwater, among others we carry out exploratory measurements to determine water-bearing layers or groundwater flow paths.

Reservoir exploration is one of the classics of geological and geophysical topics. Depending on the problem, we explore both solid surfaces (land) and water-covered surfaces (lakes, offshore measurements etc.).

Construction and remediation measures in the vicinity of old deposits and landfills usually require precise knowledge of the location and extent of the corresponding areas or the flow paths in the landfill body or in its effluent. Here we can offer solutions.

Another of our fields of activity is non-destructive testing of constructions. From sealed surfaces (e.g. concrete) we test structures in the building itself or in the subsoil behind the building (e.g. leach-out zones, storage defects due to water damage or other erosion-related changes that may result in destabilization of the building, among other things).

In the field of archaeology, we carry out measurements to detect archaeological structures (e.g. relics of buildings and settlements).

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