Landslides / slope instability problems

Natural hazards for settlement and traffic routes

Landslide above motorway
road destroyed by a landslide
End of a country road
Sacked bench in landslide mass

Slope instabilities, which in some situations can lead to landslides, represent natural hazards for residential areas and traffic routes. Even if unstable slopes can be recorded very well with geotechnical measurements (e.g. inclinometer, extensometer, convergence/divergence measurements, high-resolution geodetic measurements, etc.), geological mapping, drilling results, soil and rock-mechanical laboratory parameters, clay mineralogical results, slope water observations / measurements, the use of geophysical investigation methods offers detailed supplementary findings.

With suitable geoelectric and/or seismic methods, the run of potential sliding surfaces and water horizons that may be responsible for instabilities can be determined.

With the aid of all geological findings and laboratory parameters, the geophysical investigation results serve to develop a detailed geological model, which serves the geotechnician as a basis for stability calculations and the preparation of a remediation concept.

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