Non-destructive testing

Inspection of wall and floor structure, backfilling, flushing out, investigation of geological structures in the foundation area, leak testing of dams etc.

Non-destructive measurements are carried out on buildings for quality control and for the detection of defects and damages. Other applications include investigations prior to direct manipulations on constructions or for the purpose of reconstructing the statics i. e. by locating armouring or tensioning systems.

Various methods such as ferroscan, ultrasound, impact echo, ground penetration radar (GPR), etc. are used for this purpose. Construction engineering expertise is necessary to interpreted and evaluated the testing results. Therefore, in this field we work together with associated engineering offices.

Related disciplines are non-destructive investigations of structures where object of interest is not the structure itself but the anthropogenic or geogenic subsoil (subsoil investigations) or background (supporting wall/tunnel investigations) behind the structure/construction. Depending on the objective, different suitable geophysical methods are used.

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Construction testing
Non-destructive testing with ECS-system
Cavitiy location with GPR
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